A serious and basic move in “Environmental cleaning“ in Iran , has been carried out with the effective assistance of provinces in Iran , announced by Hamid Nematiyan , The head of the Nature Sports Association.

According to ILNA, quoting from public relations of this  Association in Pooyesh Nazr-e-Varzeshi (cleaning natural pastures) , thru 30 August 2020 to 16 October 2020 ,  a total of 718 square km of natural lands in the country , has been cleaned up from plastic wastes and medical masks, by the representatives of this association , other associations and sports committees, as well as Non-governmental groups.
Hamid Nematiyan, head of the “ Nature Sports Association, “added: 
“This has been achieved by the efforts and support of the Federation of Public Sports, public sports delegations across the country, related bodies and institutions.” 
He also offered his gratitude to the  related organizations and volunteers for their cooperation.
The performances’ evaluation,  he added, has been  based on the reports received from the provinces as follow :

Tehran Plogging in an area of 133 km

2, Khorasan Razavi Plogging:
 in an area of 110 km

Qom  Plogging:
in an area of  87 km

Fars  Plogging :
 in an area of 75 km 

Ardabil Plogging :
in an area of 53 km

Alborz Plogging in an area of 50 km

Yazd  Plogging:
in an area of 48 km

Khuzestan  Plogging:
  in an area of 45 km

Arvand  Plogging: in an area of 40 km

Ilam Plogging:
  in an area of 25 km

Qazvin  Plogging :

 in an area of 20 km

12-Mazandaran  Plogging:
  in an area of 15 km

Gilan  Plogging:
 in an area of 10 km

15-Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Plogging : 
 in an area of 7 km

He pointed out during an official ceremony, held with the permission of the National Corona Headquarters, the top representatives of the Nature Sports Association will be honored.

 It is worth mentioning that the Nature Sports Association operates under supervision  of the  Public Sports Federation. 

Mr. Hamid Nematiyan , in charge of this association , is  a former karate champion in Iran  and a deserving manager of the “Tehran Municipality Sports Organization.”

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